Commitment to sustainability

100% recyclable

No trees are cut to make BUILD.

When BUILD is moulded, there is actually a positive impact because recycled CO2 is utilized.
BUILD is 100% recyclable and the units can be replaced individually which means that you do not have to throw away an entire piece of furniture again. Good for the environment and good for your wallet.


Cradle to cradle

BUILD is entirely made from a single raw material (polypropylene). No glue, no metal, no unhealthy materials. This means that at the end of its useful life you can simply place it in the recycle bin.


Please be responsible and recylce it properly. By properly sorting and recycling your plastics, you are helping to save approximately 88% of the energy required to produce plastic from the raw materials of oil and gas.

Safe enough to eat

What is it made from ?
BUILD is made from ARPRO (Expanded Polypropylene), a high performance plastic foam which contains 95% air. It is completely toxic-free, emission free, allergy friendly and actually safe enough to eat!


100% made in Germany. Worldwide delivery.

BUILD is manufactured in Germany and adheres to strict ecological and socially-responsible production methods. 

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