modular and flexible shelving units balck and white Movisi honeycomb wall
modular and flexible shelving units balck and white Movisi honeycomb wall

BUILD - modular shelving and partition


Check out our video above for a glimpse of the many possibilities BUILD can bring into your life.


BUILD permits you to ‘design’ your own composition.

A single modular element is the essence of this lightweight shelving and an endless variety of configurations and forms can be constructed by using it.

As shelving or partition, freestanding or mounted on the wall, BUILD adapts to your needs. 

You can get even more creative by giving BUILD new functions. An individual element can perfectly double as transport box or seating.

BUILD is installed and reconfigured in minutes, with any number of units, anywhere.

No instructions, no tools– we promise!

Made from a single material (EPP) which is 100% recyclable, toxin-free and emission-free.

Made in Germany.



BMW i8 Launch - Munich 2014. Agentur Wolf-Production GmbH

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BMW i8 Launch - Munich 2014. Agentur Wolf-Production GmbH
Monolicht GmbH - Switzerland



Modular and multifunctional

BUILD is fun to install and can be reconfigured in minutes, which means that you can give your home or office a new look or function anytime, just as it suits you.

You can add elements over time, as your requirements change.


The shelves that display your belongings become the boxes to transport them. Great for when you move home or change your desk at your workplace.

BUILD stows away safely and compactly.




Mix and match

BUILD is available in 2 colours and 2 versiosn which can be mixed and matched.


2 VERSIONS:  with back (closed) / without back (open)

2 COLOURS:  black / white


It grows with you

Each BUILD unit is identical, allowing you to extend the system by adding units as you move into bigger houses, buy more books, DVDs ecc.


Growing: 12 - 18 - 24 BUILD units, black open
@ design exhibition UNITS, Sparda Bank (photography Stephan Kube)
@ design exhibition UNITS, Sparda Bank (photography Stephan Kube)
BMW headquarter office design - Munich. Agentur Wolf-Production GmbH

Always in line

You can arrange the units to keep all shelves horizontal and at same height.


With its unique design and ability to be changed instantly, BUILD provides a beautiful and flexible interior solution. Here are a few ways you can use BUILD:


  • wall rack or hanging rack
  • room divider (with back or open)
  • temporary seating /low table
  • transport box: to carry documents to the office, pack your grocery shopping or keep your drinks cool (thermal insulation)
  • storage box (stows away safely and compactly when unused)
  • Come up with your own unique uses for BUILD!

Mount it on the wall

... by using the supplied clips. In this case you will need to screw the clip into the wall.


6 BUILD units white, open
6 BUILD units white, closed



____ BUILD wall rack, black open





Use it outside

BUILD has insulating properties. It will cool your drinks and your hot snack warm.

BUILD is waterproof, resistant to chemicals and easy to clean.


BUILD used as cooling box and table



Portable box

When you have to work from home, you can use BUILD to bring documents from or to the office.


A BUILD unit weighs only 1.5 lbs (750 g). That's like carrying a couple of Coke cans.


When moving home, BUILD is easily disassembled, your belongings are instantly packed and ready to move. Each unit stacks on top of another, locking securely in space.






Need some extra seating?

As shelving BUILD is a place for your everyday objects. Turn the units around and they will become a set of stools - perfect for when guests arrive at home and you need some extra seating.




From shelving to room divider

BUILD can also be used to create free-standing partitions and room dividers for different interior settings.


47 BUILD units, used to create a partitioning wall



Ideal for pop-up stores and offices

BUILD is also suited to the contract market, where its design will lend itself to pop-up stores, rented offices and frequent workplace re-designs (incl. co-working spaces) and events.


36+1 BUILD units, black closed



BUILD, white closed





12 BUILD, used as sideboard, black closed



Offered quantities

BUILD is offered in following quantitites: 3 - 6 - 12 - 18 - 24 - 48 - 72 BUILD units


6 - 12- 18 - 24 - 48 or 72 BUILD units
variations of BUILD

Easy to install - goodbye allen key

It can't be easier. BUILD is supplied with special clips. Use them to hold the shelves in place or mount them on the wall. No sweating, no instructions and no tools - we promise!





Easy to clean

BUILD is easy to maintain. It is waterproof and resistant against chemicals and bacteria. And if you happen to spill some wine over it – no worries – just wipe it with a damp cloth.




Minimum weight – maximum strength

BUILD is incredibly light - this makes it easy for you to lift and move it around anytime on your own, no matter what age you are.


This is Anna, our lovely 90 year old neighbor with a BUILD unit, white closed
Kids playing. BUILD is completely toxic-free and shock absorbing which means that no one can get hurt or injured


BUILD is so light, it even floats on water!




Minimum weight – maximum strength

You can hardly damage BUILD. As it is made from a shock absorbing material, you don’t need to worry about injuries from bumping into it or damages from dropping it on the floor. Next, when you move it about BUILD will not scratch even the finest hardwood floors.


Design your own unique BUILD

BUILD is designed to inspire creativity. Freestanding or mounted on the wall, it’s all up to you.

You can come up with your own sculptural installation or discover new uses in a space where ordinary furniture remains motionless and boring.


up to 18 BUILD units, closed white



Silky surface

BUILD comes with a textured, silky surface.



Dimensions and weight

CLOSED (with back):

External dimensions (with back): 20.47" x 15.16" x D 11.81"

Internal dimensions (with back): 16.73" x 12.40" x D 11.42"

Weight:  approx. 750 g / 1.6 lbs


OPEN (without back):

External dimensions (with back): 20.47" x 15.16" x D 11.42"

Internal dimensions (with back): 16.73" x 12.40" x D 11.42"

Weight:  approx. 700g / 1.5 lbs

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